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Why Should You Join Kacaaki?

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." - The phrase by Ludwig Wittgenstein stays dear to our 3 co-founders who initially began this program to not limit the world of their young kids.
Here's how Kacaaki came to life.

The Kacaaki Origin

Our 3 co-founders - Batsal Devkota, Pradeep Khanal, and Sushil Subedi have already shared their stories on our website but let's take a quick read of our interesting origin story! So, it all began during the Covid 19 year. Since all of our co-founders are Nepalese staying in the United States, they wanted their kids to learn the Nepali language, to keep the culture alive - to not limit their worlds.
As they attempted to teach their kids to learn Nepali in the US, they faced a few challenges, which became the reason to launch Kacaaki, solving the same issues they were facing. After a very successful run of 200+ students enrolled within a short period of time, we're convinced that our program can help more Nepalese parents and their kids living overseas and other nationalists interested in learning Nepali.
With that idea, here's our guide list to why you should join our Kacaaki community.

Why should you join Kacaaki?

Teachers from Nepal:

It is no surprise that Nepalese couples who become parents in a foreign land have a sentiment for their homeland. And it is only natural for them to want their kids to learn and understand more about Nepal and the Nepali language.
Kacaaki is suited for those families. Our teachers are active and experienced Nepali teachers from Nepal. Their specialty lies in teaching Nepali to beginners and therefore, has proved to help our students learn the language in very less time!

Online Class:

Nepalese people living abroad are mostly busy. And, it is just not practical for them to find a good tutor, take the kids to the classes, and so on. Kacaaki understands this obstacle. We faced a similar issue and to provide it a better solution, we made our program online! With this, now you don't have to worry about commuting to learn Nepali!

Live Interaction with Teachers:

We've seen many online education platforms where we'd find a good ton of archived learning materials. However, we felt that to make learning Nepali effective and more importantly fun, we decided to make our classes live and not pre-recorded. What does this do? Well, it allows our young students to interact with our teachers from Nepal. They get to speak, write and act out along with their teachers in real-time. This makes it much more fun for a class.

Group or one-on-one class:

Some of us like to learn in groups with other students, and some of us learn better in a one-on-one class. We are Kacaaki are providing both options! One can learn with a group of 4 to 5 students where they can interact not just with our teacher but with other students as well, in Nepali!
Likewise, one can learn with a dedicated teacher and improve their learning!

Are you ready to join our community?

Before we are a learning platform, we are a community. Learning Nepali is more about exploring your culture from Nepal and keeping those roots alive while you live a western lifestyle. We hope to protect the Nepalese identity for the Nepalese living abroad, and we are starting with our Nepali language!

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