FounderSushil Subedi

Father of two kids, Suditi- 8 years old and Sidarth - 4 years old, I came to the United States in 2001 for an Undergraduate degree and currently live in North Carolina.

My daughter Suditi has been taking classes via KaCaaki since the Covid-19 disrupted her regular school. Although she used to speak some Nepali at home, she has made tremendous progress in her writing skills already.

Since Suditi turned 5 years old, we tried many avenues to teach her Nepali. We tried at home, and we tried to find Nepali parents with similar age group kids who were interested in teaching Nepali. Nothing seemed to work and as parents, we always wished there was an online, but cost effective way to teach Nepali to kids.

With KaCaaKi, we are hoping that no other parents like us will have to go through the same frustration we went through. With minimal cost, we are hoping to connect teachers with students who are interested in learning Nepali.