FounderPradeep Khanal

Proud father of two kids, Bela - 7 years and Nama - 1 year, I have been living away from Nepal for almost 20 years. Both Bela and Nama were born in the United States.

Research has shown that there are cognitive benefits of being bilingual. And, it’s a bonus to learn language from your roots – helps with self-identity and enables you to communicate with your loved ones back home. I wished the same for my daughter Bela.

Bela learned to speak Nepali from a young age, however, when she joined Kindergarten her fluency dropped. She would spend so much time at school that the limited conversation we had at home couldn’t keep up and she preferred to speak English more than Nepali. This is a very common theme for kids who live overseas. Moreover, just speaking wasn’t enough for Bela to retain the words that she had learned. That’s when I realized she ought to be able to read and write as well so that she could remember the language long term, just like swimming or cycling.

All of this changed after we started an online class for Bela and her two friends to learn Nepali from an experienced teacher living in Nepal. I am very happy with the progress she has made thus far and excited to see how far she will go.

I am thrilled that we can now offer this learning opportunity to your family through Kacaaki. I hope you’ll sign-up.