FounderBatsal Devkota

Father of two kids, Adeeti - 11 years old and Pranil - 5 years old, I came to the USA for my undergraduate in 1997 and have been in the US ever since.

I was finding it hard to teach Nepali to my daughter. I along with another Nepali friend started taking her and my friend’s daughter to the nearby library and was teaching Nepali for about  2 hours every week. During COVID time, since we couldn’t do on site teaching, I enrolled my daughter in an online class being conducted by some friends in Maryland, USA. The teachers were all local volunteers. Situation was the same, the teachers were all professionals in different fields other than teaching. Even though this was much better than two of us taking our daughters to the library, I wanted more structured teaching with a defined curriculum by experienced teachers.

This want shared with the founders of Kacaaki drove us to launch this online nepali language learning platform. We as founders of Kacaaki all share the same vision, to connect our sons and daughters to Nepal via Nepali language using an online platform.

With the launch of Kacaaki, I am excited about the possibility of giving my daughter, eventually my son and many other daughters/sons from Nepali origin the opportunity to learn Nepali from anywhere in the world.