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Covid-19 forced kids to stay home getting bored, playing video games or spending time on Youtube or other mobile apps. There is very limited teaching by their school teachers. Parents can only give certain time to the kids as they have to do their own work. This is a typical scenario in many homes.

As online school came to an end and summer break started for our kids, they had even more time to get bored (or indulged in TV or phone). As parents, we started thinking of productive ways to keep our kids busy. As Nepali parents, we always have a desire for our kids to learn Nepali. We even tried to teach Nepali to our kids by ourselves or by sending them to classes locally run by enthusiastic parents. However, those classes only go so far as the parents are not trained to be teachers. Moreover, it is always challenging for parents to manage limited weekend time in driving kids back and forth from the classes.

Since June 2020, our daughters have been learning Nepali online from an experienced teacher in Nepal. Over the past two months, we have seen significant improvement in their Nepali skills, beyond our expectations. This success led to Kacaaki – an opportunity for kids (and adults) anywhere in the world to learn Nepali from experienced teachers in Nepal.

We are starting with Nepali language, however please let us know if you or someone you know is interested in learning other languages. We will make it happen!

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